New Green Kitkat: Japanese flavours to be sold in the UK including matcha tea

GREEN KITKATS from Japan are set to hit UK stores. The matcha tea Kitkat has been a Japanese fan favourite for 15 years, and now Britons will be able... Read more »

Valentine’s Day: M&S, Lidl and Morrisons best MEAL DEALS for romantic evening in

VALENTINE’S Day traditionally involves couples paying inflated prices in crowded restaurants all in the name of love - so save yourself the hassle by staying at home instead with... Read more »

Marks & Spencer Love Sausage Valentine’s Day offering has Twitter users shocked

MARKS & SPENCER have shocked Twitter users with a cheeky Valentine’s Day product. The British high street store is selling a Love Sausage. Read more »

Listeria monocytogenes WARNING: Brie cheese recalled in England – could you be affected?

LISTERIA can cause the illness listeriosis. The bacteria has been found in a batch of cheese in England, prompting a recall of some further batches as a precaution. Read more »

Pancake Day 2019: When is Shrove Tuesday this year? Why do we make pancakes?

PANCAKE Day 2019 is fast approaching, giving people around the world an excuse to dig into the delicious batter. So when is Shrove Tuesday and why do we make... Read more »

Sainsbury’s and Aldi recall these foods over ‘health risk’ following labelling error

SAINSBURY’S and Aldi are having to recall food products over a labelling error, after some ingredients were missing from the label. Read more »

Best fish and chips shop in the UK revealed – is it one near you?

FISH and chips are a British staple and now the best fish and chips shop has been revealed. Is it one near you? Read more »

Tom Kerridge weight loss: Chef shares recipe for ‘healthy, guilt-free’ chocolate treat

TOM KERRIDGE returned to BBC screens tonight for the latest instalment of his self-titled TV show Tom Kerridge’s Fresh Start. In tonight’s episode, the chef, who famously lost 12... Read more »

Tom Kerridge Fresh Start: Chef shares recipe for healthy pizzas with a crispy base

TOM KERRIDGE’s Fresh Start was on again on BBC Two this evening, and during the show the chef shared a recipe for healthy pizza with a perfectly crispy base. Read more »

Product recall: Nut and gluten warning – Tesco, Asda, Lidl, Sainsbury’s and Waitrose items

TESCO, Asda, Lidl, Sainsbury's and Waitrose items are being recalled urgently. A number of these products are unsafe for this with a nut allergy or gluten intolerance. Read more »

Joe Wicks launches new Lean in 15 book – with mouthwatering weight loss veggie recipes

JOE WICKS, The Body Coach, has gained millions of fans thanks to his simple approach to diet and fitness. His new book, Veggie Lean in 15, means now vegetarians... Read more »

Tom Kerridge shocks fans with top tip – but should tin foil be used shiny side up or down?

TOM KERRIDGE left some viewers very surprised during his episode Tom Kerridge’s Fresh Start last night, as he revealed that tin foil should be used with the shiny side... Read more »

McDonald’s UK launches first ever vegetarian Happy Meal – is the veggie wrap vegan?

MCDONALD’S UK has unveiled its first ever vegetarian meal on its Happy Meal menu, giving children and those looking for a smaller-sized dish the choice of enjoying a veggie... Read more »

Greggs launches vegan sausage roll for Veganuary after petition signed by over 20,000

GREGGS vegan sausage roll is launching tomorrow, pleasing the thousands of people taking up Veganuary this New Year and after a petition signed by over 20,000. Read more »

Can you keep your turkey outside? What to do if your turkey doesn’t fit in the fridge

CHRISTMAS DAY has very nearly arrived and the majority of people have their turkey ready to be cooked – but many of us will struggle to fit the festive... Read more »

Christmas CRISIS: 44 million Britons wont fit their turkey in the fridge – will YOURS fit

CHRISTMAS DAY is not complete without a roast turkey dinner, the traditional meal on the big day. However, research has revealed that more than half of people won't be... Read more »

Bubble and squeak recipe: Best way to make the popular Christmas dish

CHRISTMAS DAY means our favourite festive foods can be enjoyed once again without guilt, and one of these popular Christmas dishes is bubble and squeak – but what’s the... Read more »

The hidden sugar menace in our fave festive tipples

HEALTH campaigners have called on the Government to end the "scandalous" lack of sugar and calorie labelling on alcoholic drinks. Read more »

Queen Elizabeth’s secret mince pie recipe revealed by her pastry chef – step by step guide

QUEEN ELIZABETH and all of the Royal Family enjoy Christmas as much as everyone else, with traditions they follow every year - and that includes tucking into mince pies.... Read more »

Aldi urgent RECALL: Mayonnaise recalled over ‘contamination’ fears – check your jar NOW

ALDI have recalled a jar of mayonnaise over fears of “contamination”, it has been announced. Check if your jar is affected by the recall here Read more »